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Failed Cities Monologue, new Story

Hi loyal listeners I was asked to pass the following onto you all by Rick from the Failed Cities Monologues. I ran the ad for the book a few times (if you haven’t listened to it go and do so immediately !) so I figured I’d pass this on as well

Grab the story here

In addition to offering its listeners their regular story for the month of December, Variant Frequencies has prepared a special holiday surprise for fans of the two-time Parsec-nominated FAILED CITIES MONOLOGUES, as well as all those who’ve supported the podcast in the past year. We are proud to present THE FAILED CITIES: HATH A DARKNESS, an exclusive 10,000-word eChapbook written by Matt Wallace and produced by Variant Frequencies.

For the first time since concluding his groundbreaking podcast fiction saga, Matt Wallace returns to the warped twin worlds he created with an all-new Failed Cities story. Featuring the characters that drove the original audio epic, and told, as always, in their own voices, THE FAILED CITIES: HATH A DARKNESS brings this unique storytelling style to the page for the first time, enhanced with original illustrations by Rick Stringer.

About THE FAILED CITIES: HATH A DARKNESS . . . To some the number 99 represents the many names of God. But as a black snowfall blankets the Failed Cities on Christmas Eve, the arrival of 99
mysterious steel chambers is the catalyst that sets a series of far from blessed events in motion. From bullets and bata sticks to a life-and-death hostage situation to high-speed battles up switchback mountain roads, eight people become links in a deadly chain that will either tether innocent lives to safety or strangle any hope for their future. And as each part of the story unfolds, we learn that above all things, Christmas in the Failed Cities is a feverishly struck balance between the constant threat of violence and the briefest, most bittersweet moments of joy.

THE FAILED CITIES: HATH A DARKNESS by Matt Wallace is a freely distributed .PDF produced and illustrated by Rick Stringer, and available exclusively from Variant Frequencies. We’d like to encourage all our listeners to download, print, enjoy, and pass along this unique piece of the Failed Cities universe as a thank you for your continued support and enthusiastic participation in our podcast.

And don’t forget to revisit THE FAILED CITIES MONOLOGUES, collected in its entirety on Podiobooks.com

Happy Holidays from the entire crew of Variant Frequencies!

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