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The Sci Phi Show Outcast #18 - Interview with Nick Matzke

This outcast features an interview with Nick Matzke from the NCSE and the Pandas Thumb blog

Outcast #18 (35 minutes 22 seconds)

Show Notes

The Panda’s Thumb


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2 Responses to “The Sci Phi Show Outcast #18 - Interview with Nick Matzke”

  1. The Panda's Thumb Says:

    The SciPhi Show,…

    Last week, I did an interview on the podcast program called The SciPhi show (Science Fiction and Philosophy), run by Jason Rennie. It has now been posted. The show previously did interviews with Michael Shermer, and ID guys Salvador……

  2. Says:

    hentai lesbians…

    –>hentai lesbians…

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