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Questions about donating ?

Why Donate ?

There are plenty of reasons why you might kick in a few dollars to support Darwin or Design. The simplest reason would be because you enjoyed the book and would like to reward the author for the work. This will have the advantage of allowing me to be in a position to do more of these sorts of books. So if you like them and want to see more a donation of whatever you think the book is worth to is a way of investing in future books. If you would like to see a particular topic addressed in a future book of this sort, then donating is a great way to convince me that that would be a good idea as well ;)

How to donate ?

If you buy books through the links on the show notes pages or buy the download or CD version of the book, that is effectively a way of donating. Amazon is kind enough to give me a kickback on the books and lulu likewise gives me some money from sales. It isn’t huge but if lots of people do it, it certainly adds up and every little bit helps.

Alternatively you could simply directly make a donation via the PayPal link. If you are wondering how much it is worth donating, I am not sure. Donate whatever you think the book is worth. If it is worth $1 to you, donate a $1, if it is worth $1000 to you, do that (please do that ;) ). Although keep in mind that PayPal takes a small percentage of any transactions and the percentage is larger on smaller transactions. Donate whatever you think is reasonable.

How will donating help ?

In a lot of ways. If some people donate then I will be able to buy better recording equipment for future books and maybe save up enough to travel and do the interviews in person. That would be wonderful. If lots of people donate then I might be in a position to quit my day job and work on audiobooks like this for a living. That would be really wonderful, as I enjoy doing this immensely and it would let me put out books on a wide variety of topics in a much more timely manner. Certainly much quicker than 1 books every 6 months. So if you think this is worth while contributing to, I can assure you any donations will help a lot.